DMR Repeater is Online

My Motorola XPR8400 arrived the other day and is currently in service at my home.

The plan is to move the repeater to the Woodland Hills Fire Department Site. Currently it is at my home operating on 449.800-. You can find all the details here.

HP 8924c Service Monitor Setup & Working

I got my service monitor not too long ago, but I wanted to be able to capture the output. I want to be able to document how to use this service monitor as I learn it myself.

Here is a quick video I did just to show the quality and the menus.

Basics of how I have it setup:

BNC Coax connected to back of service monitor labeled “Video Out” connected to G/Y port on MVC007.

VGA output from MVC007 connected to USB2VGA. USB2VGA connected to my MacBook Pro via USB.

CGA/EGA/MDA/YUV to VGA Industrial Converter Unit (MVC007) from Moncotech

VGA2 USB Adpater fromĀ Epiphan

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