The 449.800- and 447.050- repeater are Motorola XPR8400 MotoTRBO repeaters. They are 100% digital repeaters and not mixed mode repeaters. They are connected to DMR-MARC via the NoCo c-Bridge. To see the c-Bridge Status click here.

Contact Chris, KC7WSU if you have questions about these repeaters or would like help getting or programming a DMR Radio. His contact information is available at

The Repeaters uses Color Code 1 and the following talk groups are available.

Timeslot 1 Talkgroup ID Timeslot 2 Talkgroup ID
Worldwide 1 Local 2
North America 3 Utah 3149
WW English 13 NoCo 3171
Mountain 3177
Local Only 9
76ers 76
TAC 310 310
Bridge 3100
Washington 1 3153
Comm 1 3777215
Comm 2 3777216
All TG’s Off 111111


449.800- Repeater Installed at Site

MotoTRBO Repeater


Current DMR Repeaters in Utah

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